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Within the framework of the project Icon Network (2007-2009), funded by the European Union and national resources, the exhibitions "Icons and People in the War Years" and "Icons and People. Heirlooms of Refugees", as well as three icon conservation workshops and conferences, were organized.
All the project results and public events are published in this web site www.icon-network.org.

The partners of the project, L’Atelier de Conservation-Restauration d’Œuvres Peintes, France, The Valamo Art Conservation Institute, Finland, and The Byzantine & Christian Museum, Greece, have founded in 2009 the Icon Network Association, in order to continue their work for the protection and dissemination of cultural heritage, beyond the limits of the initial project.

Our mission

The mission of the Icon Network Association is to develop, share and preserve knowledge concerning icons, in terms of art history, conservation and scientific research.

Our goals

- To create an open forum for researchers, restorers, museums,
- conservation institutes and schools,
- to collaborate by creating a research database about icons,
- to strenghten the existing links and cooperation,
- to find new partners for cooperation, and
- to facilitate keeping contact through the web site.

Our future plans

The Icon Network Association is currently planning the organization of conferences and workshops, as well as the systematic distribution of information concerning research and conservation of icons.

The exhibitions already held will become travelling, so as to reach a large scale of public. For this purpose, we invite cultural institutions and museums to contact us, if they wish to host one of the above exhibitions.

We’re also working for the completion of the on-line Icon Network database (www.icon-network.org), by uploading all the information about museums with icon collections, exhibitions and events in the field of art conservation and research worldwide. The document contribution can come from scientists and specialists working on the fields of study, exhibition and conservation of icons.

Our resources

The Icon Network Association is an non-profit organization, which relies on the generosity of its members to contribute with resources and information concerning icons.

- How can I contribute?

Become a member of the Icon Network Association (Read the Statutes) The membership annual fee is 10 €, for one year from 01/01 to 31/12.

Each member (person or institution) receives the following benefits:

The Icon Network membership card
- Priority access to scientific events, such as the upcoming conservation workshops
- Invitation to attend the opening of the travelling exhibitions
- The newsletters including all our new publications and relevant information about the Network.

If you wish to become a member, we kindly ask you to go to the Subscription page of our web site.

- Become a donor or sponsor

We are calling for donors and sponsors to join the Icon Network Association. Your kind contribution will help us to:

to continue the international cooperation in the field of icons and icon conservation to maintain the website www.icon-network.org.

If you wish to become a donor or sponsor, please, go to the Donation page of our web site.

- Contribution to the Icon Network Association database

You can submit your research papers and publications to the Icon Network Association web site www.icon-network.org, and you will become automatically an Icon Network member.

If you are interested to contribute your published research, such as articles, studies, bibliography, icon collections, links, please download the accept convention for the public use. Print and complete the following document: Call for contribution (pdf 33 Ko), and send it by post with your works.

We hope that our efforts will grow up thanks to your contribution and evolve the icon-network.org to an interactive communication and research portal. This portal belongs to everyone who works on icons!

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The Icon Network Association committee board

- Ms Kiriaki Tsesmeloglou (President), Atelier de Conservation restauration d’œuvres Peintes, Nantes,
- Ms Maria Filippoussi (Vice-president), Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens,
- Ms Riikka Köngas (secretary), Valamo Institute of Conservation,
- Ms Jenny Perdikari (vice secretary), Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens,
- Ms Catherine Ruel (treasurer), Atelier de Conservation restauration d’œuvres Peintes, Nantes,
- Ms Artemis Stamatelou (vice-treasurer), Byzantine and Christian Museum, Athens

Association Icon Network: 24 rue Kervégan - 44000 Nantes, France
Siret 510 259 666 - 00012